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Is Psoriasis Itching You?

Psoriasis is a recurring inflammatory disease that can be acute, chronic and benign. It is characterized by dry, silvery, scaling papules of various sizes. It is a Hyperproliferative skin disorder (rate of cell division-multiplication-is 1000 times greater than normal skin cells). The elbows, lower back, ears, knees, and scalp are usually affected.  There is often itching involved and the disease will go into remission with several causes to recurrence.  Psoriasis effects the entire body therefore is considered as a metabolic disturbance.  According to Battaglia of The complete Guide to Aromatherapy there are several causes.

“Indications include:
-Some lesions are closely associated with a deficiency of essential fatty acids. [talk with your doctor about supplementing
with omega 3-6-9] 

-Incomplete protein digestion or poor intestinal absorption of protein breakdown products

-A number of gut-derived toxins are implicated in the development of psoriasis. [talk with your doctor about supplementing with antioxidants]

-Psoriasis can be triggered by nervous tension and stress, illness, cuts, several viral and bacterial infections, sunburn or
drugs such as lithium, chloroquine and beta blockers.”

 The long term treatment and a well balanced health focus can bring the psoriasis to a manageable dis-ease.  Avoid stressful situations, fatigue and environmental changes (such as exposure to cold).  Trauma to the skin can initiate new cell division therefore lesions. (1) Identify and address food allergies is important and you can do this with a Naturopathy.  Utilizing an anti-inflammatory will manage the inflammatory response.  Use essential oils that promote detoxification, and that are anti-inflammatory or antipruritic. (1)

 Aromatherapy treatment is very effective in dealing with psoriasis.  A large number of sufferers (39% of patients) report a specific stressful event one month prior to their episode. (2) Aromatherapy plays a very important role in managing stress and anxiety.  (1) Above all else getting the cause under control (allergies, detoxification, digestive regularity, and inflammation) is a lot of work in the beginning but with some investment it becomes a pattern that pays off in the long years to come. 

Drugs that can initiate or aggravate would included Alpha interferon cortisone, lithium, phenylbutazone, aspirin, progesterone, iodine, nystatin, indomethacin, and beta blockers. 

Keep in mind that anything you put into your body, breath, or eat that has toxins will increase the likely hood of a flare up.  Toxins= nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, artificial sweetners, many non natural drugs, pesticides found on our foods. When at all possible choose to go natural, organic and drink lots of water to help flush out what we have no control over. 

Psoriasis Aromatherapy Formulation
The formula I have developed focuses on de-stress, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, digestive health and of course uncomfortable and itchy symptoms. 

Detoxification- Everlasting has been reported to help correct any abnormal liver function.  The connection between liver and psoriasis relates to the fact that the livers one basic task is to filter and detoxify the blood. If it is overwhelmed by toxins in the blood the toxicity level in the blood will increase and the psoriasis will worsen.  Everlasting also stimulates the gall bladder, kidney, spleen and pancreas the organs responsible for detoxifying the body. G. chamomile stimulates liver and digestive system to further detoxify. It is reputed to neutralize toxic bacterial metabolic wastes.  Geranium has a mild stimulating effect on the lymph system helping to eliminate any released toxins. Carrot seed is regarded as excellent for regenerating the liver cells keeping it in optimal function ability. It is a depurative (an agent that helps to purify the body particularly the blood) and is excellent for all skin conditions that stem from toxic issues.

Digestive Health- G. chamomile assists in improving absorption in the digestive tract which is a common issue for people with psoriasis.  Cajeput is known to sooth intestinal and other digestive tissue. It is well known to have strong anti-itch properties.

Anti-inflammatory- Everlasting has anti-inflammatory properties and is recommended for both large wounds during the interim of getting emergency care and for eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis to reduce inflammation and speed up healing process. G. chamomile and Geranium are both anti-inflammatory. 

De-stress-Everlasting is calming. G. chamomile is considered one of the best essential oils to use with skin and to reduce stress.  Cajeput is a tonic (strengthens and improves in totality) to the nervous system. Geranium is classified as an anti-depressant and has an excellent regulating effect on the nervous system and should be used to reduce and manage stress, depression, and anxiety.

Additional symptoms- Cajeput is great as an anti-itch and it is suggested to be used in all, and especially, psoriasis skin conditions. G. chamomile-is an analgesic (reducing sensitivity to nerves therefore pain)  Geranium is an astringent and is recommended for helping to dry up wounds as well as increasing healing time in psoriasis. Wheat Germ oil has a great deal of vitamin E oil and essential fatty acids.  It is a natural antioxidant and it helps to relieve symptoms of dermatitis. 

Psoriasis cream

2oz =$27.00

The cream is made of Shea butter, Coconut oil, Calendula oil, Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe Gel, and wheat germ oil.  Utilizing the cream allows for additional skin healing properties to be used that would other wise be left out of the healing process.  Also the therapeutic cream is spot applied which allows for the ability to use a higher concentration of healing oils again giving it a punch in alleviating the discomfort.


Psoriasis Synergy (neat blend of essential oils)

(approx. 90 drops=30ish bathes) 

(approx. 180 drops=60ish bathes)

Add drops of this synergy to a hot bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. You will be layering in an additional support. Relaxation manages stress a known cause of inflammation, and encourage detoxification by increasing the body’s elimination process through sweat glands.  This is a good way to address much using little. After you have dried from the bath, spot treat with the cream furthuring the effects of utilizinf aromatherapy.

1. Page 319, Prescription for Nutritional Healing third edition. Phyllis A. Balch, cnc and James F. Balch, MD.

2. Page 466, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy.  Second edition. Salvatore Battaglia