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Holistic Therapies

Florissant, Mo


  • All-natural salves, face creams, room sprays, and hair serum that are free from toxins made with essential oils, infused oils, and nut butters.
  • ​Respect, integrity and true customer service is very important to me, I offer true customer service to everyone I serve. 


Sound Therapy
Profound and Far-reaching wellness

Our bodies absorb sound via Meissner cells found mostly in our ears, face, and chest. The sound wakes throughout our body helped along via our bones and fluids and affects every piece of who we are. 
Sound Therapy waking through the body sets off a chain reaction via the Vagus Nerve and Parasympathetic Nervous System triggering a release of a natural tranquilizing neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. 
All practices that bring about deep calming and relaxation create a tone Vagus Nerve. 
A "High Vagal Tone" is what we need to maintain a state of good health and a strong immune system. 
Research continues to show that specifically applied soothing sounds have profound results on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
What people are saying: “I feel as relaxed and centered as when I get a massage", “this takes my healing to a whole new level”, “I feel centered, balanced and have clarity in my mind…that lasts for days”

Sound Therapy
Full session $75
Half session $45 

  • Practicing Massage Therapy since 2001.
  • Choosing self-care creates an environment for you to live the healthiest life possible. and start walking a new path that honors all of who you are.
  • ​Allow yourself the freedom of a body that feels better and has a greater range of movement in your daily activities.
Experience the sensation of aromatics while gaining healthy results! Add on to your Massage, pick up a product in office, or get serious and have an individualized formulation made just for your health.

Whether you want to reduce/eliminate pain, rehab an injury old or new, encourage circulation, or manage stress receiving regular relaxation .....

Energy Therapy

Energy therapy supports the body's natural healing system already in play. Whether you are already being treated or are allowing your body's natural healing process to do it's job, all energy modalities, though applied in different ways, support the process.

Belavi Face Lift Massage

Stimulating muscle fibers, encouraging lymphatic flow, and fighting gravity all while you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, all-natural handmade products, hot

towels, and effective face masks!


Therapeutic Massage

Natural Therapies



" I feel like a whole new person. You have an amazing touch. I'm finally getting the results of both types of massage, its a perfect balance.

                                   -Karen Spencer