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Clients success stories

I had a client ask for a spritzer to use during the holidays to help with the usual family fussiness. When my client reported back she told me that it was amazing results, that she couldn’t remember a time when her Christmas dinner had gone off without fighting. She simply used a synergy of oils I formulated for her... relaxing, calming and euphoric oils, in a diffuser for the whole day to help disperse it into the common areas of the celebration.

During a massage a client came in with a mild allergic skin irritation and was not able to get into her MD for 3 weeks. She was miserable. I gave her a sample of a recently formulated cream specific for skin irritation and as she was rubbing it in she said that she was experiencing immediate relief.

A client who seeks Belavi services regularly began purchasing the all natural Hydration Cream I use in those services. She said that compared to her usual lotions, and made it a point to mentioned that she uses "... the good stuff in the blue bottle", she doesn't have to re apply lotion for a couple of days after having the cream applied to her hands, forearms and feet.

Early on in my schooling process with Aromatherapy we were required to work with clients doing consultations. One of the people I served had presented challenges with attention span and an inability to stay focused while on projects at work. After having used a product I made for mental clarity he reported back that he couldn't believe how helpful it was and wanted to begin keeping it on hand. He said he had not expected to gain those results. 

3 Ways I offer Aromatherapy

Consultations include Individualized assessment resulting in a treatment plan and personalized product made specific to your goals....

Off the Shelf  products available to purchase while in office to address things such as ....

Add-On treatments Are aromatherapy applications that can be added on to step up another scheduled service...

A Brief Overview

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils derived from plants for therapeutic effects, applied through inhalation or topical application. I can’t stress enough how beneficial the use of aromatherapy can be.  Every essential oil has benefits that are far reaching; assisting the health of many areas of the body.  The use of aromatherapy is always a non-digested application.  This removes many contraindications, side effects and concerns. Aromatherapy is therapeutic. By definition, it has beneficial effects on disease or disorders. That calls for an educated, certified individual .....

Common Applications

Aromatherapy is absorbed into the body in several ways. The olfactory system is always one of the ways the microscopic oils enter your body, if you are breathing around them you are absorbing them. Absorption through the skin is the other application. You can create more effective results by choosing the applications specific to the ailment that is presenting. Inhalation gets the quickest results and would be great for sinuses, mental stimulating or calming results. However direct spot application would gain better results for something like treating a bruise, inflammation, or soreness on a specific area. Descriptions of Spritzers, Topical applications, and hydrotherapy


Effects of oils, ailments that bring clients to Aromatherapy





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